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     I have been subsitute teaching since February 1996.  I started subbing in Santa Clara County, California. During the summer of  '98,  I moved to Palm Beach County, Florida.  I have been subbing here for the School Distrct of Palm Beach County since October of  '98.  I am looking for a regular full-time job teaching biology and related subjects on the high school level.  I have a statement of eligibiliy in high school biology.  I have been cleared for employment in Palm Beach County by the school district.  By the way, I am willing to relocate, even out of Florida. 

My online resume is also available.

How the TeachOne site came to be      I started my own website mainly to put my bookmarks in a form I could access from any computer.  I worked in a different room, and sometimes a different school, almost everyday.  So I was using a different computer everyday.  In fact, some days I had to use a Mac and other days I had access to a "Wintel" computer.  I would keep my bookmark file on two different disks.  Most browers allow you to work from a bookmark or favorite file on a 3.5 disk instead of the regular file on your hard drive. 

By the way, bookmark or favorite files are written in HTML.  When I realized this, I also realized it would be easy to transfer my bookmarks to a web page.  I did not have to retype or even individually cut and paste each URL that I wanted to save.  I had to make some changes, of course.  I created web pages around the links.  I also did some cleaning up of the links and I changed some of tags for the different kinds of lists. 

I choose Tripod after trying a couple of other web space providers.  I have found their services very useful. 

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