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      TeachOne's recommended books and other off-line resources.

     Everyone in teaching has heard of The First Days of School by Harry and Rosemary Wong.  There are many other resources that should not be overlooked.  In particular, high school teachers will find these following books just as useful, if not more so.
      I have personally found each of these books to be valuable.


  General Teaching:

Inspiring Active Learning: A Handbook for Teachers   by Merrill Harmin
Hundreds of great teaching strategies. Even veteran teachers would find this book useful. This could become the most valuble teaching book you own.
Teaching for Learning Success  by Gloria Frender
An excellent source of practical strategies, materials and forms.  Covers organizing teachers and students, involving parents, encouraging students' success, and games.

First-Year Teacher's Survival Kit  by Julia Thompson
Yet more practical information they didn't tell you in your college classes.  Has sections on designing and delivering effective lessons and much more.

Classroom Instruction That Works  by Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering, & Jane E. Pollock
Research-based strategies for increasing student achievement.  Covers nine general strategies applicable to different grades and subjects.
How the Brain Learns  by David A. Sousa
Apply research on the brain's function to your classroom teaching and help students learn by using methods based on solid science.

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Special Rescources

  Check out these speciality publishers. You won't regret it. Each of these companies will also send you a free catalog, if you request it.

Critical Thinking Books and Software  An excellent source of books you will use time and again in the classroom.
Love and Logic  If you can really apply this philosophy of discipline in your classroom, you will have amazing results.  I recommend you start with the audio tapes, CDs or video tapes before trying to get this wisdom from the books.
Sopris West Educational Services  Their mission statement: "To positively impact the education of children and youth, particularly those at risk for school failure, by providing educators and parents with practical, affordable, and theoretically sound products, programs, and professional services that promote safe, civil, and achieving environments."

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