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This page contains links to a few of my PowerPoint presentations. Feel free to modify them for your own use. The ones I actually use in class have more pictures, which I have not included here. In part, this is because of copyright issues.

If you do not have Microsoft Power Point or Office installed on your computer, you can find a free, open-source office suite from Open Office. This free program allows you run Power Point presentations, and make your own. It also has an excellent word processor, spread sheet and drawing program. Did I mention it's free?

  • Phases of Matter: part 1   This one was written for the middle school level and introduces the nature of solids, including the concept of heat of fusion.  Includes animations of my own.
  • Intoduction to the cell  This is just a basic introduction to the major organells.  This is a simple presentation with no "bells and whistles".
  • The Plasma Membrane   A short introduction to the cell membrane with basic graphics.
  • Energy in the cell   photosysthesis and cellular respiration
  • DNA: structure
  • Ocean Motion: Waves  This presentation was designed for high school earth science or marine science class.  The animated graphics are simple, being my own.
  • Sea Floor Spreading  This is a single-slide Power Point presentation with an animated GIF I made to include in a presentation on sea floor spreading and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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